Good to Be Back

Hello readers! I have taken FAR too long of a break from my blog and have missed it terribly. But, life gets in the way sometimes and doesn’t provide much chances to do the things we like to do. So hopefully I can be more present with this personal space of mine. With that said, … More Good to Be Back



  Hey readers,   Yesterday, I wrote a post on social media  that got some positive feedback. Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there who not only impart important lessons, but also are there for bedtime stories, kissing “boo-boos” & showing their kids love in general. We need to keep showing our tender … More #MenCanNurtureToo

Hope Is All We Have

    Hope. As a parent, you hope for simple things for your kids. You hope to provide a nurturing life for them. That they always feel loved. That their innocence can naturally evolve.   With every school shooting that has occurred, however, that innocence erodes. Hope erodes as well and I’m positive I can’t … More Hope Is All We Have

Home With….

    Welcome back readers,   It has been another extended period in between posts. This time, I have an even better excuse than writer’s block or being too busy in my other creative endeavors; I’m a father once again. In early November, my wife and I welcomed our second child, another beautiful boy. So, … More Home With….